Travel Turn Up?

Travel turn up basically should have been my middle name.

Hi Family! You’re either my actual family or you are now family because since I’ll be sharing my life here we now know each other :). I caught the travel bug in 2005 when I took my first trip to Europe with my Latin AP class at Walnut Hills High School. Above are some of the HORRENDOUS pictures I took while there ha! These were taken back when you had an actual camera you had to take to CVS to get processed lol! SN: I felt old just thinking about it.

I plan to take you guys on a journey through my journeys and all of the foolishness and awesomeness that entails. I’ve been to 22 countries so far and I intend to see a whole lot more. If you have any questions about places I’ve been, how to start traveling internationally, how I’m nowhere near rich and still manage to make it all of these places, or anything else just ask! I’m happy to respond to any comments and even write a full article on just your topic if I need to (aren’t you special?!?).

Love and Passport Stamps!



In case your nosey the list of countries is as follows:

  • Aruba
  • Bahamas
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Cuba
  • England
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Jamaica
  • India
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • The Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom

5 thoughts on “Travel Turn Up?

  1. I would like to know of few things:

    How you decide where to go
    How friends in differing financial and family obligation situations can all finance it to go together
    How you decide what to do when you get there
    Tips on safety
    If you’ve ever traveled alone, any pointers or tips on safety


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    1. Hey Courtney!

      You covered alot of areas in this question sooooo…I’m dedicating my next blog post to your questions :)! It will be up later today and if I miss anything just let me know and I can add more info.

      Love and Passport Stamps!


    1. Hey Jordan!

      Its the perfect time to go to Italy! Flights into Europe have been super cheap lately. I’d say follow theflightdeal and secret flying for general deals to Italy. You can also set alerts on or to be alerted for a specific city pair or date range. Some discount airlines like WOW and LEVEL have flights as low as $150 RT out of places like NYC which could mean that you could take the whole family! The caveat to that being those low cost airlines are usually like flying Spirit but internationally O_o!

      Planning your city list will be important when figuring out hotels. Not sure how many days you’re planning to be there, but I’d say at least see Florence, Venice, and Rome. Rome will at least require 3 days or so just to get through the major attractions. You can rent a car (driving on the autostrada is so scary to me!) , but I’d suggest buses/subways/trains/walking for getting around. Google maps is your international best friend. It will tell you the times all public transportation is running and which one to get on to get to your destination. The Eurostar is pretty inexpensive for getting between cities.

      As for hotels, I usually use Tripadvisor to figure out what’s nice enough within my budget. I price shop on Trivago to make sure I’m getting the best rate. I also usually take into account what’s within walking distance/near a good subway or bus route.

      Lastly, tours. You can always go it alone with your phone as your guide, but sometimes I like someone explaining things to me and the ease of waking up, being at the pickup point, and the rest of my day being planned. Groupon is worldwide basically so I’d start there. If you have to go to the Groupon site of Italy it will of course be in Italian, but Google Translate will of course save you. Viator has a tour for literally everything and anything, but they will never be your cheapest route. Also, if you feel like you want to wing it and then change your mind while there many hotels have tours available for purchase in the lobby.

      That was a lot right?!? HA!

      Love and Passport Stamps!


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