Viva Ibiza!

The first shall be last…like literally. I’m going to go in reverse order of my trips so the first trip will be my last post lol.


First, I should say I’ve seen a lot of Europe, but my trip to Ibiza is actually the first time I’ve ever set foot in Spain. I now have a very skewed view of the country LOL! For example, I know Spain is known for great wine and sangria…Ibiza is known for pills and partying. A bus literally had a Steak and Shake ad that called it “The heart of Ibiza” O_o! Honestly that’s about right though. 21 y/o me would have partied hard all day and night…brink of 30 me went to sleep…often (IKR so sad).

So first off let’s start with how much this little vacay cost me in transportation:

Flight Total $785:

  • American Airlines- Atlanta to Barcelona $477 (layover in Charlotte)
  • American Airlines- Charlotte to Atlanta $117 (because the return flight on the original itinerary sucked)
  • Vueling Airlines- Barcelona to Ibiza RT $191

Hotel Total $617:

  • The New Algarb Hotel (fancy right lol)- $1850 for all inclusive 3 adults for 6 nights

So around $1,400 and all of our food and drinks were included (not a bad deal). This also seems like a good place to mention that I have a travel savings account. It is separate from my actual savings account. This fund is literally just so that when I want to go on trips I can save up for them rather than putting it all on my credit card and praying that Jesus will take care of my debt…btw Jesus may make a way for you to pay that debt but He does not help Capital One forget you ever made it (from personal experience lol).

Anyhow, the myths about Ibiza are true. Yes, you can find pills like it’s a pharmacy (if you’re into that kinda thing). Yes, the beaches are beautiful (and filled with naked boobies). Yes, the parties are like Vegas with all of your techno/house faves. However, the things I found most interesting were that:

  1. Lots of older people and families- I really did NOT expect this. I guess for Europeans this is just a place to come have a beach vacation so everyone comes. I personally will NOT be visiting with my future kids, future husband, or grandma (re: naked boobies).
  2. The club promoters are just kids that come to live it up for the summer!- Seriously who knew that was a life option?!? I swear I met kids (ahem young adults) from every continent that come to Ibiza to live for 3 months and just promote parties/party! A guy I talked to from Australia said he has been doing it for 3 years. He comes at the start of summer season and works to help bars get people in to drink (he was gorgeous btw so yea it is a pretty easy sell *swoon*). I didn’t meet anyone from the US doing it so maybe no one posted this job description on LinkedIn for us.
  3. People continued to buy drinks at the club- While that may seem like a duh moment if you had seen my sticker shock you would understand why we pregamed. $50 for 2 Jack and Cokes?!?! How Sway! Is the coke actual coke because otherwise I can’t imagine how we got to that price! I almost told her nevermind LOL! If the Lord hadn’t provided some nice gentleman to provide drinks for me and my ladies we would have remained parched every night we went out *insert praise hand emojis*.

Overall, it was a great time. The beaches were beautiful and if you have the courage I fully suggest cliff jumping at Cala Bassa beach (they were small cliffs). I also suggest negotiating with the beach guys who sell the beach umbrellas and other goods (originally asked 20 euro for 1 beach umbrella to buy which my friend talked down to 7 euro to rent for the full day).  Definitely do one of the boat parties. We did the Pukka Up boat party and had a great time. As for the party packages, we bought the Party Hard Travel package which I do think paid for itself. We deviated from schedule as their were some other parties with music that better suited our tastes, but for the price it was worth it even only attending a few of the events. That being said, literally every establishment has someone outside selling party tickets at a “discount” and depending on the party you can catch promoters on the beach giving free entry bands.

Would I go back? Maybe someday but not on my short list.

Love and Passport Stamps!



If you want more pics of anything or have any questions let me know.


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